Pre-Break TONIGHT!

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to remind everyone that Pre-Break for ASB is TONIGHT! So you should all come to Metcalf Auditorium tonight on the second floor of the GSU ay 7pm. You will get to learn all about ASB and of course we will break into individual trips so we can meet each other and learn all about our trip :)

Also, for your enjoyment, here is the AMAZING new Ke$ha video for her awesome song, Blow.

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Hey Everyone!!

Zach and I met our chaperone today and she is AWESOME.   Also, we found out what we are doing on ASB:

Build “natural resource” projects along the spring trail

Repaint the murals at the cabins

Paint Lattices- check on paint color options

Dilapidated bench on centennial trail

Lodge- label the whole kitchen—where do we put what—food too!

Golf carts

Make new chalk boards
So good times!! Our service will be super fun.  Also we are getting a lot of meal donations so we don’t have to starve!

Also, DANCE PARTY EVERY NIGHT DURING ASB. Thoughts? But it doesn’t matter because it’s happening.

Lastly, Don’t be drag just be a queen ’cause you were born this way baby.

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We Finally Know Our Volunteers!!!


So Leah and I got the email with your names! So that is why you all got friend requests from me. But we are super excited to finally meet you all. As you will probably notice soon, I am the only male on the trip lol. But that is all good, still going to be so much fun. You will all get emails from Leah and I tomorrow with more information but until then we just wanted to say hi and that we hope you enjoy this blog and our facebook group.


P.S. Just so you all know, I love Lady Gaga and I am SOOOO excited for her to release the Born This Way single on Friday. So I hope there are Lady Gaga fans on this trip. But here is the cover art to the single. Enjoy.

Also, here is the greatest music video ever made so far.

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So Zach and I have been waiting SO LONG to find out who are AMAZING volunteers are!  We all know you guys are as excited as we are so let’s get this show on the road!  If you are on our trip leave us a comment and tell your friends on the trip as well!  Facebook group anyone??

Time for the video of the day:



We Look The Same, But We’re Different

Hey Guys!!

So today is the last information session for the ASB trips! So make sure you come on by and say hello to us because we would love to meet you. We have the best trip there is and let me just tell you why.

1) You have the best co-coordinators (and the best looking)

2) Texas will be warm during March

3) We are FLYING. We have a direct flight t Austin, TX and then its about an hour drive up to Killeen.

4) We are a well pampered trip. We have beds, showers, a kitchen, and we are staying on site!

5) All the people at PKRC are amazing and so nice

6) PKRC is an amazing organization that helps children and their families.

7) We can visit the awesome city of Austin on our days off

8) Did I mention that we are the best coordinators? Seriously, we are.


Oo, so here is the youtube video of the day. Since we like to brag about the famous people that have lived in Killeen, here are the three intro videos to the hit show, Sister Sister, starring the amazing Tia & Tamera Mowry.

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OK Everyone!!

The info sessions are TONIGHT and TOMORROW from 7-9 pm in the GSU Backcourt!  All 72 coordinators will be there trying to get you to go with them for ASB.  Just remember 2 words: Killeen, Texas.  We are so excited to get YOU excited for our trip!  Not to mention we have been working on a pretty stellar board that only had a limited amount of mishaps (glue in the hair anyone?).  Also it is a balmy 54 degrees in Killeen right now which is another factor to consider.

We better be seeing you guys in the GSU!

This video is both useful and ridiculous.

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Leah’s turn.  So I don’t know about all of you but finals kind of snuck up on me here!  I know we are have our fair share of finals horror stories so we are not going to talk about those here.  Instead, we are going to focus on all of the excellent things heading our way.

1. No homework for a month.

2. Seeing all of our weird relatives over break.

3. Enjoying home cooked food (unless your mother is like mine and doesn’t cook…).


5. ASB is coming up QUICK!!

**Remember to keep looking at the blogs over break! (but let’s be serious, this one is the only one that counts).  Registration is only a couple weeks after we get back from break so choose your trips now!

And I know you were waiting for the random YouTube video of the day so here you go:

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